I don’t keep up with as many webcomics as I used to. Here are the ones I still care about. Some NSFW.

Penny ArcadeQuestionable ContentRed StringGirl GeniusHeliothaumicxkcdAchewoodPVPHark a VagrantWhite ninja ComicsToothpaste for DinnerNatalie DeeMarried to the SeaSinfestDreamland ChroniclesCtrl-Alt-Del

These I check sometimes, but don’t really care about anymore.

MegatokyoThe Phoenix RequiemInverlochApplegeeksVG CatsBoss Noodle8 Bit TheaterAngels 2200Wapsi SquareHomestar RunnerAlpha ShadeMalakhimThe Adventures of Dr. McNinjaBOASASEarth SongCyanide and HappinessThe Broken MirrorNo Rest for the Wicked

Hiatus or Dead

9th ElsewhereElectric Sheep ComicsReturn of the ExileFalcon Twin


This is a blog I kept from 2005-2007 about my experiences in nursing school.
So far it has proven to be far more successful and popular than this site.

And here are the blogs of some friends.
If you are my friend and your blog isn’t here, why don’t I know about it?

Lara Keys – Fictional Human Being

Lara Keys – Faint Expression

Rachel Sullivan – Sulli-baby Blog

Brian Sullivan – Sullivan Softdev

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