Forces at Work

When you hold two magnets apart, you can feel the fields pulling your hands together. MRIs are kindof like that, except you can feel that force moving through your body. It was a strange experience, lying in that tube. The machine was very loud. I twittered: “The vibrations of the MRI are, to me, the sound of tribal drums. I feel the fields move the atoms of my body in a dance of plus and minus.” And it was true, I could imagine the rhythmic patterns as a voice speaking in time with the visceral humming of my cells. “Let there be light”, it said, and somewhere in a room beyond my body did light up according to it’s density, and pictures were taken.

Now my foot surgery is scheduled for June 22nd. More details will follow. I hope I can take a few days at the end of my recovery period to visit with friends.

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