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“Links” page is updated. “Projects” page is halfway done. I’m going to start posting and integrating a Picasa album to display photos and crafts. I need to redo the scripts for the old comics too. I’m sure you’ve also noted my Twitter account on the sidebar as well.

This weekend I’m going to Houston for my birthday/Mother’s Day with the Matthews family. I’ve already selected an audiobook for the journey. See, Jeff has bought a few sets of different fantasy series soley based on reviews and his intentions to read them “one day”. Because I cannot bear to have so many novels on display without anyone knowing what’s in them, I’m working my way through a few. I already finished The Name of the Wind, which was excellent though it cuts off abruptly. Currently I’m working through The Book of the New Sun, which is also good, but a little more confusing. Once I’m done with that and it’s sequels, I’d really like to get into the Malazan series, but there are unfortunately no audiobooks out for it. I do read actual books every day, but I prefer my fiction to be consumed while commuting, cleaning, or shopping. (It’s nice to just plug into my headphones whenever I’m doing something that doesn’t otherwise require narrative thought.) I’d have to set aside my nightly studies to take up Malazan right now, so it will have to wait. I am, of course, looking forward to the next Wheel of Time Book, Gathering Storm.

Something I’d really like to do with this library sometime soon is scan it into one of those Delicious Library clones for Windows. You just scan a barcode, or even hold the barcode up to a webcam, and it catalogs your stuff. I should really bid on an old CueCat and do this sometime.

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