One of My Perfect Days

We wanted an adventure outdoors.

Something far enough away to be special, but close enough that it would be easily reached. Our lazy and late start meant many of the local state parks were already at capacity. So we struck out into the hills, to the place called the Greenbelt.

Whiskey pulled us through shallow streams and across the dog park, down narrow trails in the woods and under bridges. Aman, Shalini, Jeff, and myself visited Bull Creek, small area of wilderness in the middle of urbana. Sometimes a man-made thing would emerge from the leaves, looking nothing so much like the remnant of a post-apocalyptic world.

After 3.5 hours of hiking, we decided food was in order. A quick stop at the grocery store equipped us with Tex-Mex essentials, and we headed back to Seabrook Manor to grill fajitas on the back porch. I attempted some margaritas in the until-then-unused blender which ended up being more slushie than frozen. Chris brought his skillet to make fresh corn tortillas and Nishat pounded out Chopin on the piano. Arthur came over from next door and we all sat down to a tasty meal; a house full of friends sharing in abundance.

Everyone helped wash the dishes and spray disinfectant on the surfaces, and then we sat on the couches to digest. Conversation gave way to soft, ambient music. First one guitar, then two, then the piano, then then the drum joined in… and not wanting to be excluded, I grabbed my flute and completed the post-hippie ensemble. We played for about 30 minutes, with everyone swapping instruments except myself. Nishat eventually began using everything in his immediate surroundings as an experimental percussion surface, and I almost couldn’t contain my laughter when he started singing while gargling a glass of water. Despite the silliness, it still worked. I was pleased to finally get to participate in a jam session, where the music was still alive.

That night, bone-weariness made for deep dreams without words.

I dreamed of tunnels under the World Tree where we met eachother in the dark.

I dreamed of standing together against the open sky.

I dreamed of tangled threads of our various lives.

I dreamed of distance.

Whenever I have a wonderful day, I experience this sense of peace and unity of spirit. It’s the same feeling I’ve always felt with good friends and making good memories. The faces change and the circumstances change but the feeling is the same. I like to think that, in a way, all those moments exists together in the same space and time. I can go forward with confidence knowing that I am carrying those pieces with me, and that nothing and nobody is lost. Sometimes I miss you all so much, and wish our lives weren’t diverging. But the knowledge of such days and dreams shows me that words like “sacred” and “eternal” aren’t something that happens to us later. It’s now.

Blessings on you and yours. I plan to visit Louisiana one of my 4-day weekends in June or July. What days are off-limits, guys? I want to see the maximum people I can.

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  1. Rachel
    Posted April 6, 2009 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

    I will be in Knoxville, TN June 25-28 writing DI challenges! Please come a different weekend… I really want to see you!

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