The New Life

I got married on September 27th, 2008. I kept meaning to write about it, but I’ve been too busy setting up my new life to do so. I guess it’s a bit late to summarize the experience, isn’t it? It’s not really fresh in my mind. Most of you have already seen the facebook images anyway. All I can really say is that it was wonderful. I’m so thankful for all the friends and family who made the day special. And I’m even thankful for those who couldn’t make it for all your well-wishes and years of love. You rock.

So I moved to Austin, Texas with Jeff and into the tiniest apartment ever. I also got a job at St. David’s hospital in the ICU working nights. Then, this weekend, I moved into Unit B of a roomy duplex. Our friends occupy Unit A, which is great. But we had a dilemma; what do we call the place? It’s no longer just “Arthur’s Place” or “Jeff’s Place”. So we decided, rather ridiculously, to refer to the building as “Seabrook Manor”.

The Manor is about halfway unpacked and organized, though there is still a lot we need to do to get the place completely fixed up. I thought you’d like to see the place anyway, so here is a messy tour.

The outside of the building, and our cars. Mine is barely clunking along these days. We’ll have to buy another for me within a month, I’m certain. Something interesting: you can see the very large blue recycling bin by the side of the house. Austin has curbside mixed recycling pickup. This apparently comes from a law that if tenants want to recycle, landlords are required to provide the service. This makes it very easy for me to dispose of all those Diet Coke cans in a green fashion. With the number I drink a year, I’m convinced I’ll make a significant impact on the environment. Perhaps even stop global warming personally.
My poinsettias are the only meager Christmas decorations about at this point, though a tree is surely in the near future. When it gets summery, I might need a rocking chair for that thar porch.

Backyard. The bucket came with the place, so Jeff used it to accidentally spill water all over the upstairs bathroom. It was then banished to the back porch.

Through the front door is the still-messy living room. Here Jeff has taken all his CD cases out of the CD towers to organize them. He is very pleased about this, as you can see, but we find we’re going to have to buy another media tower to hold the contents.

If you stand at the front door and face forward, you can see into the kitchen.
And if you look a little left, there are the stairs. My left shoulder is against the coat closet, which contains exactly zero coats at the moment. (I am wearing mine, and Jeff’s is some place where he won’t be able to find it when we are going out.)

So here we are in the kitchen itself. The back door is there on the left, and the empty flower vase is there in the middle of the island.

The kitchen from the opposite corner. I am very thankful that I took Rachel with me when I registered for wedding gifts; otherwise I wouldn’t have anything with which to fill this enormous kitchen. Along that right wall you can see the half-bathroom/laundry, the pantry door, and the under-the-stairs storage closet.
Anyway, if you go up the stairs and make a right there is a hallway. To the left are two rooms:
And to the right are the upstairs bathroom and master bedroom.

The left room in the Y is what we’re calling The Library. I’m hoping it will eventually become a guest bedroom at some point… but for now it’s just books…
lots of books.

To the right is a very empty computer room. We’re going to set up another desk for Jeff’s computer soon, and I’m sure I’ll eventually use it for art too. You can see the still-incomplete painting of the naked lady there in the corner. One day I need to finish her, but I just don’t know what to do with her feet.

Here is the really, really messy master bedroom. The bed isn’t even made, for shame! There is a master bath to the right and a big walk-in closet to the left that is still so exploded I can’t stand to show you. I’m hoping to finish unpacking the rest of this stuff by the end of the week.

So. That’s probably an over-detailed tour of the new place. I am way excited about it. :)

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  1. Lara
    Posted December 10, 2008 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    Squeee! Wow, Sis, that's a really nice place. So nice I should come invade it! Well, maybe someday, when I'm not doing surveys of tornado damage across the state, or launching weather balloons at 4am. But work is fun and I love the Manor. :-P heehee. I wanna library like that O_O … <3

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