The Fourth of July

We always travel to Memphis for Thanksgiving and the Fourth. I can’t go as often as I used to; work gets in the way. This time, I was lucky. The holiday fell on my weekend off and the manager didn’t feel the need to rearrange anything. So we crammed ourselves into the car and headed north. I slept several hours with my mouth open and head lolled to the side. Before I knew it, we were in Memphis again and it was party time. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

I love seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Their house is a fun place. I went to live with them for a summer a few years ago and Lori chased me around the track until my fat ass was in shape.
I distinctly remember going through junkfood withdrawal and the caffeine jitters during those weeks. But it was a good time. I feel sentimental about it.

But for holidays… when you go to the same gathering so many times, how can you write about it? It becomes a ritual so ingrained that reciting the course of events becomes tedious in the way describing one’s dental hygeine is tedious. Yes, we went to the Germantown festival and saw fireworks. Yes, we played Scrabble and trash-talked eachothers vocabulary and spelling skills. Yes, we drank wine and laughed and listened to the nonstop twang of fingerpicked guitar.

The only differences were the guests. And also the lack of a traditional holiday play. (Oh well, we’re probably too old for that anyway). Anyway, there was this one kid there, Aaron’s friend Shu. He was making Lara really angry because he was making so many racist comments. He’d be all “You make C’s in geometry because you’re just a white boy.” and “I can do all that stuff because, you know, I’m Asian.” I was getting a little irritated myself because his babbling was nearly nonstop. But then I started laughing once he claimed to be a Kung-Fu master. “Oh yeah,” I asked, “what color is your belt?” Shu: “Black… like my skin.” Wtf?

We came home Sunday and I collapsed and now I’m back to the grindstone with work.

Wedding plans are coming along. I still need someone to coordinate, someone to mind the music (and announce a couple things during the reception), to book a honeymoon suite, to locate an afterparty spot for the outta-towners, to find a group rate hotel for the outta-towners, to buy some jewelry, to buy wedding bands, to meet with our minister, to print and send invitations, to make some centerpieces and find decorations for the front of the church (oh god oh god please no tulle)… the list never seems to end.

So to unwind lately I’ve been learning to Irish step-dance with Lara, learning to play “Into the West” on the piano, reading about the history of tarot cards and the dreams of Walt Disney, and buying weird chocolate bars from World Market. For your information, Ritter bars are really good, but blueberry white-chocolate bars start strong and end up a little disturbing.

Peace be with you all.

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