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One of My Perfect Days

We wanted an adventure outdoors. Something far enough away to be special, but close enough that it would be easily reached. Our lazy and late start meant many of the local state parks were already at capacity. So we struck out into the hills, to the place called the Greenbelt. Whiskey pulled us through shallow [...]

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Two Red Things and a Theory of Mysticism

With the old white car on it’s last legs (or last wheels?), we finally purchased a new one. I spoke sad words over the Honda to wish it well on it’s journey to Mexico, which is surely the only place it can be sold now. Then I drove it to the dealership to leave as [...]

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The trees in the backyard of my childhood home are gone. The dead grass stares with shock at the open sky, still unable to believe that the winter sun is touching the crisp brown fingers with it’s delicious chlorophyll-producing light. A metal building now stands to the back of the lot, and harsh stumps dot [...]

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The New Life

I got married on September 27th, 2008. I kept meaning to write about it, but I’ve been too busy setting up my new life to do so. I guess it’s a bit late to summarize the experience, isn’t it? It’s not really fresh in my mind. Most of you have already seen the facebook images [...]

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Dog, Crayons, Books, Plans

The Dog We came home the other night to find a dog on the side of the road in our yard. Head down, unable to stand, no collar but very friendly and obviously well-fed. A golden retriever with large paws and brown eyes. “Crap, this dog looks like it’s been hit by a car,” we [...]

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Thank You Notes

Finally finished. Then my arm fell off. ^_^

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Bridal Shower

I knew these things were about eating cake, standing around in high heels, seeing friends, and opening a present or two. Cake…Lara, Mom, Me…We didn’t take many pictures of the guests, here are a few… But then, whoa…The gray boxes in the back are filled with dishes. Here are a few of them.These boxes are [...]

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The Fourth of July

We always travel to Memphis for Thanksgiving and the Fourth. I can’t go as often as I used to; work gets in the way. This time, I was lucky. The holiday fell on my weekend off and the manager didn’t feel the need to rearrange anything. So we crammed ourselves into the car and headed [...]

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Jury Duty and Wedding Things

Yesterday I had jury duty. It was painfully boring. I decided that I wouldn’t lie to try to get out of serving since I have no legitimate excuse. But I wasn’t going to pretend I was having fun while I was there. I wore black from head to toe and crossed my arms in front [...]

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This is just getting silly

I mean, come on.

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