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Yesterday I had some worn places in my teeth filled. The holes were from grinding at night, not from decay. Because they weren’t deep holes, the dentist was able to do one side without┬áNovocaine. It was unpleasant, but not really painful. He did numb the other side, but it was actually the least painful nerve [...]

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Okay, I think I finally have this fixed. Messing with CSS is so annoying.

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I write a lot in my journal, but I have had so many issues with Blogger, I need to change services or something. What a pain.

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Will now be July 6th. (I didn’t want to cause my work any hardship by having to take off 4th of July in my recovery period.) My surgeon wants me to wait a good 2 weeks before returning to work. She says “If you had a desk job, you could go back to work after [...]

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Forces at Work

When you hold two magnets apart, you can feel the fields pulling your hands together. MRIs are kindof like that, except you can feel that force moving through your body. It was a strange experience, lying in that tube. The machine was very loud. I twittered: “The vibrations of the MRI are, to me, the [...]

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The Foot

I went to the podiatrist yesterday and she says I need an MRI of my foot. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had a disgusting lump on the inner arch of my left foot for as long as I can remember. It’s been kinda sore lately and growing again. Fed up with it, [...]

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Continuing Work, Fantasy Books

“Links” page is updated. “Projects” page is halfway done. I’m going to start posting and integrating a Picasa album to display photos and crafts. I need to redo the scripts for the old comics too. I’m sure you’ve also noted my Twitter account on the sidebar as well. This weekend I’m going to Houston for [...]

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New Layout

Well, I’m halfway done with this update. I’ll finish sometime next week.

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I don’t typically talk about video games here, but I thought I’d share my recent experience with Braid. This is the most beautiful, thought-provoking piece of work I’ve ever encountered in the gaming medium. There’s amazing art, ingenious puzzles, and unusual time-manipulation mechanics, plus a roundabout exploration of various themes such as love, obsession, and [...]

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The Cloud of Our Thoughts

Found a neat thing. You put in the RSS feed of your blog, or perhaps paste a section of text, and this little application will find the most common words in that body of letters and make a picture of them. Here is the Wordle for If such a cloud of your thoughts was [...]

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